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Sucker hunters - watch out for Forex and cryptocurrency scammers!

Sucker hunters - watch out for Forex and cryptocurrency scammers!

created Forex Club13 May 2021

Scams and scams under the guise Forex market i cryptocurrency it is a real scourge of the last several months. The so-called sucker hunters, because such a nickname has already been made in the backstage by scammers, have no scruples, and their creativity is "blooming" all the time. Regulators are often helpless, as is the judiciary. So how can we avoid them? First of all, an appropriate level of knowledge and awareness. And that is why this episode was created.

What will you learn from the video

  • Sucker hunters - what popular schemes of their actions look like
  • Scam tricks and manipulations - don't be fooled!
  • Licenses, regulations and ways to find out who we are really dealing with
  • The golden rules of a beginner investor - what mistakes not to make!

The partner of the educational cycle is Tickmill broker.

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