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"Łowcy Nerjerów" - Interview with the Polish wolf from Wall Street [7 meters above the ground]

"Łowcy Nerjerów" - Interview with the Polish wolf from Wall Street [7 meters above the ground]

created Paweł MosionekSEPTEMBER 6, 2018

"7 meters above the ground" is an internet program run by Rafał Gębura, in which interviews in the form of interviews take place with invited guests - representatives of various professions or people whose experiences are relatively unusual. Almost 600 thousand Rafał's subscription to YouTube channel and over 2 million views of selected recordings speak for themselves. This time, an ex-employee belonging to the so-called "Nerd hunters"who revealed the backstage of this venture.

"Nerdy Hunters" - you must know

Let's start with the approximation of who the abovementioned hunters are, just in case you do not associate this term. If in the last 5 years you have picked up a phone call from someone who does not know where your number was from, but at the same time tried hard to persuade you to invest in the Forex market, most often in 100% a certain debut of a known company, or other "Stock exchange" assets, you had contact with that "hunter". If you heard screams and noise in the background - you can be sure that it was an employee of the so-called "Boiler room" - a place that was supposed to simulate the atmosphere of Wall Street.

The first Polish boiler houses began to be built in Warsaw in 2013. It was then that the practice quickly took on a scale that was difficult to grasp. Telephones with "super investment" appeared regularly. As a result of their activities, there were many manipulations, lies and ultimately the loss of funds by many people, not necessarily those who could be called traders or investors. It was only in 2017 that the PFSA and law enforcement authorities managed to take control of the situation, which resulted in the first public warnings and then arrests by the police.

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Earnings to 45 000 PLN

Michał presented the backstage of work in the boiler room as a salesman. As you can hear in the interview, the average salesperson earned from PLN 5 to 000 per month. But the more motivated, as was e.g. in the case of Michał, he was able to get up to PLN 10 or more. As? It all depended on determination and ... a bit of luck, that is, hitting a sufficiently wealthy client from whom we had managed to "collect" a sufficiently large deposit.

As the invited guest presents, complete strangers were persuaded over several phone calls to pay amounts from PLN 10 to 000, but there were also more - even PLN 100 million. Proper motivation of employees in the form of cash rewards and exotic holidays made the staff quickly forget about their conscience, which was obscured by the desire for profit.

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"Polish Wolf of Wall Street"

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