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In total 11 years imprisonment for Polish traders for extorting 2,5 million zlotys

In total 11 years imprisonment for Polish traders for extorting 2,5 million zlotys

created Paweł MosionekAugust 23 2018

Two of the accused, Mariusz O. Robert S., were found guilty of extorting at least 2,5 million zlotys from dozens of investors - this was the decision of the District Court in Jelenia Góra. The defendants raised capital from people who were promised profits of up to 60% of the amount invested with a relatively low risk of only 5%.

A total of 11 years in prison for the "pyramid"

By court decision, Mariusz O. was sentenced to 7 prison years and a fine of 14 thous. zł. Robert S. will spend 4 years in prison and 4 months and must pay a fine of 9,2 thousand. zł. Additionally, the two of them were charged with the costs of the court trial and are obliged to repair the damage caused, that is, the return of the entire sum provided for investment.

PK informs:

"Before the District Court in Jelenia Góra, there was a verdict against Mariusz O. and Robert S. accused of swindling an amount over 2 and half a million zlotys from several dozen people, that is, for performing acts under art. 286 § 1 of the Criminal Code in connection with art. 294 § 1 of the Criminal Code in connection with art. 65 § 1 of the Criminal Code in connection with art. 12 criminal code ".

The scheme of operation

The prosecutor's office established that Mariusz O. and Robert S. collected at least 2 523 500 from individual investors during their procedure. The funds were to be used for investment purposes in the Forex market. When collecting the amount and persuading capital, they did not inform victims about the possibility of losing a large part or all of the funds. Promises assumed a potential profit up to 60% and a maximum loss in the 3-5% range.

In fact, only a small part of the funds went to Forex, which was to create the illusion that the accused were actually trying to multiply their capital. The rest of the funds were kept to cover "interest" on the amount invested, and at the same time a large part of it was used on an ongoing basis to meet the private expenses of "traders".

This is not the end of history. As we read in the communique of the CP, the third person, Marcin Ł., Who ultimately managed to find himself in Spain, in the Canary Islands, also took part in the entire procedure. Currently, the suspect is waiting for extradition to Poland.

Before you invest ...

This is not the first case of this type in Poland. Defrauding funds under the guise of "Forex investments" has happened several times. The principle of operation is always like. Before you decide to entrust funds for management, always require confirmation of historical results and, above all, evidence of the legality of the project (possession of the required licenses, compliance with security measures).

A high rate of return in a short time with low risk and any promises "guarantee" profit should immediately increase your vigilance!

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