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"Together on FxCuffs" - a joint trip to Krakow

"Together on FxCuffs" - a joint trip to Krakow

created Paweł Mosionek20 March 2017

There is less than a week left until the launch of the third edition of the largest investment conference in Central and Eastern Europe. FxCuffs 2017, like every year, takes place in Krakow and attracts traders not only from all over Poland but also from Europe. It is not only a logistic challenge for the organizers but also for participants from corners more distant from the capital of Małopolska.

24-25 march, Krakow

In total, we can expect up to 4000 individual traders and representatives of the Forex industry. Long travel times from less connected areas and expensive accommodation, especially for solo travelers, can be daunting. The FxCuffs Foundation has prepared for you a special Facebook group "Together on FxCuffs", which is to facilitate not only the process of moving to Krakow but also finding the best accommodation options on the spot.

What will we find on the group

Within the Facebook community "Together on FxCuffs", we can exchange information on:

  • common access to Krakow,
  • means of transport and alternative routes,
  • people interested in renting accommodation (hotel, apartment, flat),
  • connection directions in Krakow itself in order to reach the ICE Congress Center.

We would also like to remind you that key information on the call location is available on the FxCuffs website HERE.

Participation in the conference is completely free. Do not waste time queuing up and register early FxCuffs website.


See you in Cracow!

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