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Traders are reporting more and more complaints to ESMA

Traders are reporting more and more complaints to ESMA

created Paweł Mosionek12 Września 2019

ESMA, the institution responsible for the regulation and supervision of the financial market in the European Union, presented a document in which it presents, among others statistics on the most common complaints from European investors. According to data from the report, there were more complaints, however, there are fewer than at the peak of 2017.

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The biggest problem is the execution of orders

The latest report named "Trends, Risks and Vulnerabilities" published on the ESMA website covers the period of Q2019 XNUMX. It contains data and statistics from national financial regulators from the EU, which refer to the biggest problems of capital markets in Europe - the stock market, ETF, bonds, as well as the OTC and CFD markets.

From the traders 'point of view, one of the most interesting information can be found in the section on risk and complaints The most, as much as 33% of traders' complaints related to incorrect execution of orders by brokerage houses and brokers. Transaction execution remains the unchanging leader of this "ranking" since 2016. Unauthorized transactions took second place with a result of 14%. The podium is closed with complaints about the actions of the administration.

esma report execution of orders

Interestingly, investors' complaints concerned primarily transferable securities. CFD instruments and binary options (which were prohibited by ESMA for retail clients) accounted for a small percentage of all notifications.

The comprehensive ESMA report is available in a PDF file here.

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