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The Tax Office wants to collect data on tax residence for previous years

The Tax Office wants to collect data on tax residence for previous years

created Paweł MosionekJanuary 31 2019

Brokerage houses, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions are to retrospectively screen their clients. The report is to be sent to the Polish Tax Office - this information was provided yesterday by "Puls Biznesu".

The action is to start before 30 June 2019

Collection of financial statements by clients of financial institutions is compulsory from 31 March 2017. However, the new tax operation is to cover the earlier period, and such a requirement will be imposed on everyone, including Polish citizens paying taxes in Poland. The head of the National Tax Administration will be able to share information collected with the tax offices of others EU Member States, and not only.

The international exchange of information on residences is intended to tighten the tax system and fight against tax evasion.

The obligation to transfer customer data to the tax office will be imposed on 35 commercial banks operating in Poland, 553 cooperative banks, 64 investment fund companies, 60 insurance companies, 56 brokerage houses and 49 credit unions.

Great, retrospective client surveys are to start in this half-year. According to the Ministry of Finance, the bill is to reflect EU standards.

Industry representatives comment on these actions as "unnecessary cost and loss of image." If the idea does not change, then additional submissions will have to be made by millions of people.

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