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Free 8-hour online investment course with Mieczysław Siudek

Free 8-hour online investment course with Mieczysław Siudek

created Forex Club14 March 2019

Mieczysław Siudek is a former investment fund manager who spent 4 years investing in the closed trading room of Bryce Glimore - one of the best traders of all time. During the course, he will present his investment strategies based on patterns "Smart Money". The partner of the educational cycle is Dom Maklerski X-Trade Brokers SA.

The complete course of volume analysis consists of 25 lessons, divided into 3 parts:

  • Part I - "Introduction to volume analysis",
  • Part II - "Volume analysis according to Wyckoff",
  • Part III - "Find your place on the chart. One of the setups I use in everyday trading ".

And part of the course is completely free and requires only registration. The other two parts are addressed only to XTB customers.


Thematic scope of the course

  • How do "Smart Money" work and how to detect it?
  • What traps do financial institutions use?
  • How to invest based on repeated market schemes?
  • What is the volume analysis and how to apply it in practice using multi-interval analysis?

The course was used a new density indicator for accumulation and distribution, which is also available on the platform xStation.

About the speaker

Mieczysław SiudekMieczysław Siudek - An investor, a former investment fund manager, a student of an all time trader - Bryce Glimore. ABOUTbecny on the market since 23 years. He worked in capital market institutions as a broker, dealer and fund manager in the Investment Fund Company. As the only Pole he learned Geometry directly from Bryce Gilmore. Four years in the trading room with professional traders from around the world. Recent years have been a constant improvement in the skills in tracking Smart Money on the basis of Geometry and Volumetric analysis. SmartInwestor is a revolutionary solution combining two graph analysis tools: Intelligent Volume Analysis and Market Geometry. He runs a website and blog under the name Market Geometry.

Motto: "They play money, not setups" determines where he puts emphasis when analyzing markets.

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