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Stone Capitals and the "company" included in the Polish Financial Supervision Authority's warning list

Stone Capitals and the "company" included in the Polish Financial Supervision Authority's warning list

created Paweł Mosionek13 March 2024

On March 13, 2024 Polish Financial Supervision Authority announced that a new entity has been added to the list of public warnings - Stone Capitals, which until recently was also known under names such as Orlentrend or Akselinvest. The list includes 5 Internet domains that are used by fraudsters as a tool to acquire new victims. Details below.

Stone Capitals on warning list

The KNF's public warning list is a collection of entities that violate Polish law regarding banking and investment activities. As a rule, these are ordinary fraudsters who operate illegally, without appropriate consents and licenses, and their only goal is to extort funds from unaware investors. These are also companies that have violated the provisions of Polish law in terms of their activities, e.g. in terms of advertising, information contained on the website and more.

This time, the Polish regulator included it on the list "just" one entity but can be treated as "addictive cheater". Stone Capitals is a fictitious investment platform offering its services under domains www.stonecoin.biz and www.stonecapitals.com. However, it can certainly be considered that it is a recidivist scam who simply resumed its illegal activities under a new brand, after the previous ones were banned. "burnt", which is common in such cases. Previously, scammers operated under domains such as www.orlentrend.com and www.orlentrend.net (under the trade name "Orlentrend"), as well as on the website www.akselinvest.pro (trade name "Akselinvest").

The KNF warns against:

  • Stone Capitals / Stonecapitals – www.stonecoin.biz / www.stonecapitals.com
  • Akselinvest – www.akselinvest.pro
  • Orlentrend – www.orlentrend.com / www.orlentrend.net

Stay alert!

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