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Agenda FxCuffs 2018 - we know the schedule of this year's Conference!

Agenda FxCuffs 2018 - we know the schedule of this year's Conference!

created Paweł Mosionek19 February 2018

Less than a month is left to the largest investment event in Central and Eastern Europe! On March 16, we will meet at the ICE Congress Center in Krakow, not only to meet the winners of the FxCuffs 2018 Competition, but above all to soak up the knowledge that the speakers will share with us. Two rooms, around 30 lectures and five debates. This year's edition of FxCuffs is not only Forex, but also alternative investment - in art, cryptocurrencies, real estate. Certainly, each participant will find something for themselves!

The star of this year's conference is Steve Ward, an experienced psychologist specializing in mental training of professional traders - details.

But it is not everything. Throughout Friday, charity trading will continue, and Forex brokers will be involved in the campaign as well. The funds obtained from the investment will be transferred to the FxCuffs Foundation "Investors for children".

In the meantime, we will share with you today part Agenda.

The basic admission ticket to FxCuffs 2018 is free!

Agenda - March 16

Registration starts already at 8: 00. This is the time when ICE Congress Center opens its doors for us. This is also one of the few opportunities to navigate around the site without having to squeeze through a larger crowd of traders (the previous edition has attracted a total of over 4000 people) :-).

The first lecture is planned in the Theater Hall at 9:00 am. It will be led by Piotr Głowacki from The main topic - ETFs.

An hour later, in the same room, there will be a lecture entitled "Capital management - trading without taxes with a leverage of 1: 500" by Andrzej Haraburda.


At 11:00 am we move to the much larger Auditorium Hall. Not without reason - Rafał Zaorski will present his general theory of speculation. A specific approach to trading, simplicity and understanding of market behavior as a foundation is a topic that will intrigue and attract crowds.

At noon, also in the Auditorium Hall, Rolf Schlotmann from Quantum Trade Solutions UG will give a lecture entitled "How To Read Price Action Charts Using Advanced Concepts Of Technical Analysis In Combination With Momentum And Trend Analysis." Analysis of the pure graph using the PA method has been very popular for years. What will this concept look like when mixed with other AT techniques? We are curious ourselves.

At the same time, at the same time, specialists from TMS Brokers, Dariusz Świniarski and Paweł Jackowski, will tell us how to invest in 2018 year. They will present us both interesting investment concepts and will turn our attention to markets that present themselves extremely attractively compared to the rest.

13:00, Auditorium Hall. Wojciech Orzechowski will stand on the stage - an exceptionally energetic and positive figure. A specialist in investing capital in real estate with several years of experience. Wojtek will present to us his concept called "the most effective method of investing in real estate". We will definitely be present! After all, the investor does not live by Forex alone ... 🙂

Also at 13 p.m., but at the Theater Hall, there will be a detab Debata FxCuffs with the enigmatic name "SEX-BRAIN-TRADE". Three representatives of the fair sex fascinated with trading will discuss ... Exactly :-). Come to find out! Starring: Sylwia Dobosz, Anna Kocjan, Sylwia Smolińska.

It's 15:00. Finally, we will see Steve Ward as a speaker, the star of FxCuffs 2018, who will discover the ways of thinking in trading that will pave the way for us to achieve success. Looking at the achievements of Steve's professional experience, there is no doubt that it will be a lecture where attendance is mandatory!

17:00, Auditorium Hall - FxCuffs Awards Gala
This time, sooner than usual, we will meet the winners in the FxCuffs competition, the first and at the same time the only industry awards focusing primarily on the Forex market.

At the end of the day, the organizers prepared for us two debates, which were demarcated into categories: shares and currencies and the raw materials market, which includes precious metals, energy carriers and extremely popular - cryptocurrencies. Auditorium hall - start at 18:30, end after 21:00.

And the same, after such an exhausting knowledgeable day, we go to Saturday!

Agenda - March 17

The first lecture is again scheduled for 9:00. On the stage of the Theater Hall, Dr. Przemysław Kwiecień, chief economist at DM X-Trade Brokers SA, topic: "Investing during the boom".

At 11:00, for the first time in the history of Expo FxCuffs, the subject of investing in art will be discussed. A specialist in this field, Rafał Kamecki from, will introduce us to the art market in Poland - reports, sales results, market leaders.

At the same time, in the second room, Mieczysław Siudek will perform. A favorite of many traders and a great practitioner. Subject of the speech: "Where is the key to sensible day trading? Market or trader - don't forget about the influence of trading on the trader "

At noon, Tomasz Jaroszek, a well-known blogger running the website, will appear on the stage of the Auditorium Hall, who will ask a question that provokes reflection - "Do you prefer to be right or profit?". We have no doubts about the answer… 🙂

Trader16, an independent specialist who has received the FxCuffs award in the "Blog of the year" category (00 and 21) twice in a row (2016 and 2017) and once in the "Personality of the year" (2017), will perform at XNUMX:XNUMX. The topic of the lecture "Forgotten raw materials, or assets of the next decade".

Zbigniew Wieczorek - this is a character that needs no introduction. A fan of trading and a specialist in technical analysis will appear at the Theater Hall at 17:00 PM. Zbyszek will give a lecture entitled “Nothing is really happening? Outline of the theory of consolidation trading from the price action perspective ”. Presentation scheduled for an hour. We have no doubts that it will be extended and the room will be full from the very beginning :-).

This is only part of what awaits you in Krakow. Soon we will give you another portion of the agenda, which you can also monitor on the FxCuffs website.

Too much knowledge at once? You can not decide on which lecture to go? No worries! All participants will get access to the VOD service, which will include recordings of all lectures.
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