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Bitcoin holds its position above 60. USD

Bitcoin holds its position above 60. USD

created Forex ClubNovember 2 2021

It appears that bitcoin holds up strong after another week spent mostly around the $ 60 mark. After a quick retreat from the all-time high on October 000, it opened last week at $ 21 and closed slightly higher at $ 60. In the meantime, it peaked at $ 855 on Monday night and quickly recovered from its mid-week low of $ 61. The result was the total BTC profit in October by more than 356 percent.

Following in his footsteps, Ethereum reached his own all-time record this week. At just $ 3919 on Thursday morning, it jumped to over $ 4444 on Friday afternoon, slightly above its previous high of May this year.

The ETH dropped below the $ 4300 mark over the weekend, but still closed the week up 5,3 percent and the month up 43,2 percent. A good way to start November.

The gaming giant moves to crypto

Leading game developer Ubisoft has announced that it intends to incorporate blockchain technology into its business. In the results for the third quarter published on Thursday (October 29), the company announced that it was "exploring" blockchain technology. This move increases the prospect that the developer may soon start making so-called games "Play-to-earn"where players are rewarded for the time they spend playing digital asset games. The gaming industry is increasingly flirting with blockchain technology, but not all participants are convinced of it yet, and developer Valve recently banned all blockchain-related activities on its Steam platform.

Mastercard gives you business access to crypto

Mastercard, a global payment technology company, said it plans to "soon" open its payment infrastructure to crypto transactions for businesses.

Mastercard works with Bakkt, a behind-the-scenes custodian service provider that specializes in cryptocurrencies. This collaboration means that thousands of businesses and millions of Mastercard cardholders may soon have direct access to the cryptocurrency payment infrastructure.

Credit and debit cards will be equipped with a functionality that allows you to spend money using cryptocurrencies. It will also be possible to operate cryptocurrency loyalty programs and rewards within the network. Thanks to this, the user will be able to convert rewards from companies such as airlines into cryptocurrencies.

There are over 2,8 billion Mastercard users worldwide, according to the company, providing an unprecedented potential increase in crypto availability at the point of purchase.

Bitcoin creator wallet activated

A bitcoin wallet linked to Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of the world's largest cryptocurrency, has been activated. According to Independent, the wallet, which has been dormant since May 17, 2010, contains 50 BTC. This is not the first time that a wallet linked to a mysterious bitcoin creator has been activated. In September, a larger portfolio of 616 BTC related to Nakamoto was activated. While it is impossible to determine the identity of the holder, the contents of the wallet can be tracked via blockchain as this information is transmitted transparently.

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