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Trade stopped for three hours. CME Group platform failure

Trade stopped for three hours. CME Group platform failure

created Natalia Bojko28 February 2019

CME Group is known on the market as a company offering the widest range of global investment products. One of the company's key assets is the fact that it provides e-commerce with assets globally through its CME Globex platform. Thanks to the access to various instruments, the company's offer attracts many investors. Yesterday access to it for several hours was difficult due to technical problems of the platform.

Fast CME reaction. Canceling part of the transaction

After the problems, CME informed about this situation on twitter. Trading on futures has been suspended. The technical break lasted from 18: 39 central time, and the platform was restarted after more than three hours, more specifically around 21: 45 central time (as Bloomberg states). Difficulties in entering positions affected all markets offering trade on futures. The traders could not place orders to buy or sell government bonds, commodities, stocks or indices. Some part of the transaction was canceled by the company.

No major losses

An undoubted advantage of the whole situation was the fact that there were no significant changes in the markets during the 3-hour break. The lack of sharp changes in prices on the market only made investors nervous. At least until then, we had not heard any reports of this type. The failure of the platform turned out to be the most problematic for investors and stock exchange arbitrators, who are often active "after hours". CME allows traders to trade with futures contracts 24 hours a day, even after the cash markets close. Arbitration investors experienced greater difficulties.

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