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The next edition of Focus on Forex is starting - April 5-15, 2016 Warsaw

The next edition of Focus on Forex is starting - April 5-15, 2016 Warsaw

created Paweł MosionekApril 1 2016

The Investor's Club in Warsaw is organizing the next, fifth edition of the Focus on Forex project. The idea of ​​the project is to promote knowledge about the currency market. On 5-15 April, the School of Economics will host a series of free lectures and training related to the subject of foreign exchange. The workshops are addressed both to start-up investors wishing to learn about the general principles of the currency exchange market, as well as advanced players who want to broaden their knowledge about new investment strategies. An important aspect of the project is to show the widest possible audience that investing in the Forex market is not a gamble, and with the help of meticulous analysis and steel nerves you can get spectacular rates of return!

Workshop plan:

  • 05.04 ABC Forex: Forex on the Forex market
  • 06.04 Introduction to technical analysis
  • 06.04 Introduction to fundamental analysis
  • 07.04 Psychology of investing
  • 07.04 Fibonacci geometry
  • 11.04 Automatic trading on Forex
  • 12.04 Support for the MetaTrader trading platform
  • 13.04 Macroeconomic data and their impact on the market
  • 13.04 Price Action
  • 14.04 Selection of the broker what to look for
  • 15.04 Knowledge Test

Competition at the end - description of the competition

Remember to participate in the competition at the end of the project you must register for all lectures!

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