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XTB Trading Masterclass conference - summary

XTB Trading Masterclass conference - summary

created Paweł MosionekNovember 25 2016

Just a week ago (November 18.11.2016, 50), the Warsaw XTB Trading Masterclass conference was held, which was not only a great substantive event but also had elements of competition between experienced traders fighting with each other (and the Forex market) on real accounts for a prize of 000 PLN. The event itself, in addition to the announced speakers, was also attended by the global ambassador of the X-Trade Brokers SA brokerage house, Mads Mikkelsen - an outstanding actor known, for example, from such films as "Casino Royale" or "Hunting". The conference program was quite tight, but thanks to this, each trader could find something for himself. The participants, regardless of their level of advancement, had no right to complain about boredom or excessive complexity of the topics.

The substantive part began with the presentation of the flagship platform of the XTB broker - xStation version 5.0 - and the presentation of the most interesting functions, where a lot of attention was paid to position management mechanisms, which is undoubtedly an innovation among popular trading applications.

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Then Maciej Goliński appeared on the stage, who presented the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method and focused on the Inside Bar formation. The next speaker was Rafał Glinicki, who offered the participants knowledge in the field of psychology, explaining what pitfalls await a trader in the decision-making process. Trader 21 ended the substantive part by discussing the situation on the financial markets after the election of the new president and by asking a series of questions (and answers) in the field of public debt and inflation. Therefore, during a few hours, topics related to technical and fundamental analysis as well as psychology were discussed. What more could you want? A bit of practice… Which came last.



The icing on the conference cake was the final live trading and award ceremony. The competition in Live Trading itself lasted 5 days, where 10 qualified for the finals (on 29 starting). There was a block of questions and discussion of the finalists' strategies used in the competition, but also approaches in everyday commerce.

50 000 PLN was given to a trader with a nickname martini_007, which ended the competition with the PLN 24201,74 deposit (return rate of 142,02%). The award was handed over by Mr. Mikkelsen - you can wonder whether it is coincidence or fate that the "villain" from Casino Royale handed the award to forex James Bond :-).



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