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Experts' discussion - Piotr Głowacki and Trader21 - 8.07.2015 at 20:00

Experts' discussion - Piotr Głowacki and Trader21 - 8.07.2015 at 20:00

created Paweł MosionekJuly 3 2015

It will not be ordinary WEBINAR. This will be a discussion of experts! Piotr Głowacki and Trader21.

On Wednesday 8.07.2015 at 20: 00 two specialists will meet, Piotr Głowacki, founder of the website and, at his invitation, the mysterious Trader21, the creator of, an independent financial portal.

They will be able to discuss live during the internet conference:

  • On the situation of Greece and possible scenarios
  • On the risk of bankruptcy of Deutche Bank. Is it possible?
  • What would be the consequences?
  • Is our money and savings safe?
  • China - the stock bubble.
  • The new currency - Chinese Gold.
  • And is it worth following after buying Gold? Bubble on Bonds and Shares? And if so, what is / will be the best investment for the next six months?
  • How to protect yourself in the event of astonishing events?

To take part in the meeting, REGISTER on the list of participants> REGISTRATION

We will remind you about the meeting on Wednesday morning.

This is the third in a series of meetings "Report on the state of the world", where the specialist discusses the current situation on Global Financial Markets. If you want to see recordings from previous meetings go to the article.


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