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Taxes on the Forex market - everything you need to know [Video]

Taxes on the Forex market - everything you need to know [Video]

created Forex ClubApril 3 2022

Forex taxes are something that cannot be avoided. Like the spread or the market correction. But it must also be admitted that Polish law is famous for complicating even seemingly simple things. It is no different in this case. In this material, we will introduce you to the most important issues related to the settlement of profits (and losses) from transactions on the currency market, also having an account with a foreign broker in a foreign currency. We invite.

What will you learn from the video

  • Capital markets taxes - the most important information,
  • Will every broker provide you with a PIT,
  • How to settle the tax on a foreign broker,
  • Do you have to account for losses,
  • What is Common Reporting Standard.

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