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Stock market forecasts for 2023 | [Closer to the Exchange]

Stock market forecasts for 2023 | [Closer to the Exchange]

created Forex ClubJanuary 4 2023

The key market topics of the past year were high inflation readings and the war in Ukraine. While it is unlikely that investors will completely forget about both of these issues in the next twelve months, the forecasts for 2023 seem optimistic. National Bank of Poland assumes that the level of inflation in Poland in the third quarter of this year will return to single-digit values ​​and will amount to 8%. According to economists, the average annual inflation in Poland will be at the level of 14-15%. Risk factors for the Warsaw Stock Exchange are the war in Ukraine, as well as the upcoming parliamentary elections and the related insufficient scale of economic policy tightening. At the same time, with almost zero GDP growth throughout 2023, the unemployment rate in Poland may be around 6%. It seems that the coming recession will be the most anticipated recession in history, which may suggest that it is already discounted in the prices of financial instruments.

How long will the recession last?

Economists are still far from a consensus on the duration and depth of a possible recession, but most of the incoming data suggest that it should not be long. What to expect from NBP activities this year? Will investors see pivot Fed?

We invite you to the next webinar Closer to the Stock Exchangein which Maciej Kietliński looks at stock market forecasts for 2023.

In the latest webinar:

  • What next with inflation in Poland?
  • When is the Fed Pivot Chance?
  • What are investment fund managers going to invest in?

About the host

Maciej KietlinskiMaciej Kietlinski - professionally involved in the analysis of capital markets since 2017. He gained the necessary experience in such renowned companies as BGŻ BNP Paribas or Noble Securities. In his last place of work, he specialized in the analysis of listed companies from the dynamically developing gaming sector. He also gave stock exchange comments on TV Biznes24, or and for Forbes, Reuters, Parkiet, Gazeta Wyborcza and PAP Biznes. Kietliński also focuses on development, which is why he is currently working on a doctoral dissertation in economics at the Warsaw School of Economics. CIIA, Investment Advisor or Stock Broker.

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