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Revolut introduces trading in shares without commission for everyone

Revolut introduces trading in shares without commission for everyone

created Paweł Mosionek24 Września 2019

At the beginning of August we informed you about Revolut introducing to its offer the possibility of trading shares from the American market. What is extremely interesting, at the outset, you could make as many as 100 transactions per month without any fees. However, there was a catch - you had to buy the Metal package (cost PLN 49,99 / month). Now that has changed.

Stock trading without fees for everyone

From now on, the offer has also been extended to customers with free Standard package. However, there are some limitations. Without commission, each "standard" user will be entitled to three transactions. For each additional payment, a fee of PLN 4 will be charged. In addition, there will be an annual trust fee of 0,01% of the value of assets in the portfolio (the equivalent of swaps known from the Forex market).

Does this make this offer bad? Nothing similar. It is still a good proposition, especially for beginners or less active, long-term investors who prefer strategy "Buy and hold". However, if you are planning a more active trade, we also have good news.

Revolut Shares without commission and limit?

In the event that 3 transactions are definitely not enough for us, all you have to do is switch to the Platinum plan (PLN 29,99 per month), which raises the limit of free transactions from 3 to 8. There are many more benefits from this, e.g. additional insurance abroad, higher limits for withdrawals from ATMs, etc.

However, if we do not like to be limited by any limits, the solution is the Metal package, which has been deprived of the limit of 100 free exchange transactions, offering them now… unlimited number.

Standard Premium Metal
Number of free transactions 3 8 without limits
Fee above the limit 4 PLN for the transaction 4 PLN for the transaction -
Monthly cost - PLN 29,99 PLN 49,99



Buying only part of the shares

To meet the expectations of retail investors, in addition to commission-free transactions, Revolut offered one more revolution - the purchase of some shares. This means that the minimum purchase is not 1 share, but it can be e.g. 1/10 of its share. While in the case of cheaper assets such a need does not arise, in the case of more expensive companies such as Amazon, whose current price is around $ 1700, this option may prove useful.

Although the offer itself is relatively poor so far, because it offers shares of "only" several hundred companies from the American market (NYSE, NASDAQ, IEX), the rates presented on simple charts are delayed in time, and the platform only allows you to buy at the market price, Revolut announces that this is just the beginning and the service will be developed.

If you have an active Revolut card, it will take about three minutes to activate the investment service. Does anyone else offer such a simple opening of a brokerage account with the option of buying shares worth USD 1 without commission? He will answer more questions special FAQ page.

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