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Revolut has enabled trading in shares and cryptocurrencies

Revolut has enabled trading in shares and cryptocurrencies

created Michał SielskiAugust 8 2019

It started with currency exchange and payment cards allowing for convenient shopping abroad. Now Revolut it also provides cryptocurrency exchange and stock trading on the American Stock Exchange. If someone wants to start an adventure with investing in financial markets at a low cost, this is certainly an offer for him.


What is Revolut?

I can bet the vast majority of our readers know and even use Revolut. According to recent estimates, the company already has 500 thousand in Poland. users. But there are certainly some who have not heard or heard about it, but do not know what it is.

In short: Revolut is a company that has created a fin-tech application that allows you to exchange currencies and conveniently pay with them when traveling abroad or shopping online. Thanks to the intuitive and simple application, as well as low conversion costs, you can use it to make transactions without the need to exchange currencies at exchange offices or agree (consciously or not ...) to adding additional fees by the operator of our card assigned to the account in the Polish bank. Risk? The company founded in Great Britain has a banking license, so it is subject to the same regulations as the giants known for centuries in this industry.

Revolutu can also be exchanged kryptowaluty - only the most popular ones so far. But not only in the field of crypto to crypto, but also cryptocurrencies with traditional currencies.

The company earns on commissions and paid subscriptions that allow for different amounts of free transactions in a month. Of course, the more expensive the plan, the more options and options included in its price.

Trading stocks in Revolut

Now, Revolut has released another service that is aimed at people who want to start their adventure with investing in the financial market. The very structure of the offer clearly indicates that it can be chosen primarily by those who "always wanted to try", but were afraid of complicated systems, that they had to invest large funds and freezing for a long time or losing a lot of capital.

Subscribers to the Metal plan (the highest possible in Revolt) now have the option to purchase 300 shares in the US stock exchanges NYSE and NASDAQ. In the near future the offer will be extended to users of Standard and Premium packages. There are also plans to provide access to the purchase of shares of European companies.

100 free transactions at Revolut and purchases of shares

What will undoubtedly attract to Revolut's offer are low trading costs. Customers can make up to 100 free transactions per month. This is a lot, and maybe even too much - especially for beginner investors - so it should be enough to get to know the market. Each transaction over the limit will cost you £ 1 extra. However, only owners of the Metal plan can count on such an offer. Those who use the Standard and Premium packages will be able to complete 3 and 8 free orders per month. Each subsequent one will also cost £ 1.

Interestingly, through Revolut you can even buy ... fractional shares. This is a tribute to people who invest little capital, but on the other hand - there will be no others here, because the maximum order may reach a value of PLN 1. USD. Trading will take place only during the opening hours of US stock exchanges - that is, in the afternoon and evening of Polish time.

Free trade and Revolut will earn

revolut stocksSo you can clearly see what the company wants to earn by offering a package of free transactions. 3 or 8 transactions is definitely less than 100, so it is not difficult to guess that some customers will decide to expand their package. Revolut will also charge an annual account maintenance fee - 0,01 percent. its values.

It should also be remembered that the purchase of US stocks takes place in dollars. And since the purchase is in dollars, you have to buy them. And if you have to buy them, then ... of course with a few clicks in Revolta. In this case, the synergy of business can be good for both sides.

There are also disadvantages - if we expect tools on the platform, known even from Forex brokers, we will be disappointed. Apart from the chart, we won't get much, and there is no short sale or extensive technical analysis section. But is it really necessary to buy a share of a large American company or a rising star with a bright future ahead? Certainly, it is not needed for those who want to easily start investing real money, and at the same time not risk it enough to quickly discourage from the financial market. It is definitely worth recommending this service to those who are starting their adventure with financial investments.


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