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Meeting of Stock Exchange Experts. EXPERT - TRADER 21. June 06.06.2015, 20, at 00:XNUMX

Meeting of Stock Exchange Experts. EXPERT - TRADER 21. June 06.06.2015, 20, at 00:XNUMX

created Paweł MosionekJune 3 2015

Together with the Prowebinar portal, we invite you to the next MONDAY (06.06.2015/20/00) at 21:21 for the cyclical Meeting of Stock Exchange Experts. Our EXPERT - TRADER 50. Trader 20 - author of the Independent Trader blog as well as an investor and businessman. He has never shared his photo and name on the Internet. Already during his studies, together with a friend, he founded the first business, which turned out to be a bull's eye. In five years, it went from rapid growth, through controlled chaos, to corporate governance. In the meantime, he completed an MBA from the University of Illinois. After a few years, all the companies he controlled employed almost XNUMX people and the total turnover exceeded PLN XNUMX million.

Years of grinding from morning to late evening made him burn out. He sold all shares and started to travel around the world. In a few years he visited almost 30 countries, living in some for a long time. Investing took care to manage the surpluses in a reasonable way. However, it was not until the 2008 year that he began to learn intensively, learning the laws governing financial markets. The acquired knowledge allowed to achieve the status of an Expert. His blog was visited by over a million people over 6,5. In the year 2014 blog Indepedent Trader became the winner of the Competition for the Best Economic Blog organized by See also the interview with Traderem21, in which you will learn what you will learn at the meeting:

Webinar topic: "How not to pay taxes, and at the same time get out of the Polish bureaucratic hell?" 

During this meeting you will learn:

1. How not to pay capital gains tax (popular Belka tax)?
2. How to reduce taxes in a company or move a company abroad without losing insurance in Poland?
3. Which country in the EU is the most friendly in terms of ease of doing business, and at the same time cheaper than Poland?
4. I will show you how to create a model that allows you to build a tax-free real pension pillar that is immune to insane rule.

Sign up for a meeting at the link:

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Paweł Mosionek
An active trader on the Forex market since 2006. Editor of the Forex Nawigator portal and editor-in-chief and co-creator of the website. Speaker at the "Focus on Forex" conference at the Warsaw School of Economics, "NetVision" at the Gdańsk University of Technology and "Financial Intelligence" at the University of Gdańsk. Twice winner of "Junior Trader" - investment game for students organized by DM XTB. Addicted to travel, motorbikes and parachuting.

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