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No-name trading strategy that (positively) surprises [Video]

No-name trading strategy that (positively) surprises [Video]

created Forex Club17 February 2022

Not popular no-name strategy due to the indicators used in it. However, that doesn't mean it's not worth your attention - quite the contrary. Even using the default settings in the back test, it generated a profit that any trader would take in the blind. Erroneous signals do happen, of course, but it is very easy to spot their causes and correct their operation. So it's worth taking a look at this system and testing it on your own.


  • Ease of configuration, so we can adjust it to our trading style and fix potential errors in generating signals


  • There are some delayed signals due to poor timing of indicators,
  • It requires the use of TradingView platform ( so you need to use an additional application outside the platform.

backtest: EURUSD - H1 chart. Time period - 08.2018 - 12.2019

Indicator settings:
1. Trend Indicator A-V2 (Strange) - type: EMA, analyzed period: 52, smoothing: 10
2. Supertrend - ATR Length: 9, factor: 3.9
3. QQE MOD (Mihkel00) - default settings

Trading strategies is an educational cycle in which we present interesting investment systems intended for Forex market. We discuss the most important principles such as entering and exiting a transaction, the degree of risk, assessing the advantages and disadvantages and checking what results they generated on historical data.

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