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El Salvador's BTC losses are the next bond payout

El Salvador's BTC losses are the next bond payout

created Simon peters23 May 2022

Price fluctuations are hitting all assets, but indicate less volatility than last week. Then the value bitcoin has risen between $ 28 and $ 000, but has now returned to the $ 31 level where it ended the previous week. Ethereum remained relatively constant, currently standing at around 2

However, the biggest news still came as a result of the departure of terraUSD from its fiat counterpart and the subsequent the loss of value of her sister coin, luny.

While the market is facing the first persistent "Jitter" for almost two years (similar to S & P 500 bearish market), the test times for many assets can be expected. The role of exchanges will be more than ever crucial in helping novice investors reduce risk by providing access to those projects with the most severe use cases as pressure on cost of living is starting to really reduce disposable income. However, the good news is that previous downturns have led to innovation, so while the headlines suggest doom and despondency, it could spur industry growth.

El Salvador's BTC losses are the next bond payout

Bitcoin's price cut has hit El Salvador's reserves, with losses tantamount to the nation's next expected payment to bondholders.

Since it became the first government in the world to make bitcoin legal tender last September, President Nayib Bukele has invested around $ 105 million by buying BTC. Unfortunately, the price of the cryptocurrency fell by 45 percent. from the first purchase, reducing the value of the package by $ 66 million.

According to Bloomberg, this led to losses of around $ 40 million, slightly more than another repayment of the country's foreign debt, with $ 38,25 million owed in June. However, price volatility does not seem to scare off governments much. The UK Treasury last month announced plans to recognize stablecoins as an important form of payment - all as part of wider plans to make the UK a global hub for technology and investment in cryptocurrencies. So, while there may be a lot to learn from the Salvadoran experiment, this does not mean the end of the state's interest in cryptocurrencies and its growing use in mainstream payments.

Grayscale Future of Finance ETF comes to Europe

European investors can now gain exposure to crypto companies through the fund Future of Finance ETFs Grayscale, which is now available on the London Stock Exchange, Borsa Italiana and Deutsche Börse Xetra.

The fund, which was previously only available to US investors, relies on the Bloomberg Grayscale Future of Finance Index, which tracks select financial services firms "presumably to be leaders in the emerging digital economy."

While the fund's price has dropped, many of its investors are likely focused on the long-term value of the industry. Therefore, European investors may choose to get some exposure while they can at these lower prices.

Cloudflare is experimenting with ETH to "build a better internet "

Cloudflare is expected to launch Ethereum validation nodes over the next few months as part of its commitment to environmental sustainability and help "build a better internet". The company is ready to fully allocate validator nodes as part of the project - 32 Ethereum (ETH) required per node - over the next few months.

Prior to Ethereum's long-awaited transition to Proof of Rate, Cloudflare will be researching PoS network energy efficiency, consistency management, and speed by experimenting with "next generation Web3 that include Proof of Rate", ETH being the first.

With the exception of any delays, the connection and transition to the PoS consensus mechanism will begin in the second half of the year, and Cloudflare will suggest that this will provide a "significant energy efficiency improvement" to the network.

While Web3 has been criticized for its power consumption, it's intriguing that the tech giants are coming together to help solve this problem.

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