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Tokenize Xchange (TKX) - a token of the Malaysian stock exchange at the top of the quotes

Tokenize Xchange (TKX) - a token of the Malaysian stock exchange at the top of the quotes

created Michał SielskiSEPTEMBER 18, 2022

tokenize is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, founded in Singapore. Her TKX token has just set the all-time trading record. Is there room for further increases? The project is undoubtedly interesting, because it offers, among others insurance for clients with cryptocurrencies up to USD 100 million.

We continue the cycle of the Forex Club portal, in which we analyze and describe the largest, highest-valued, most interesting, most developmental, advanced, and also the most controversial cryptocurrency projects around the world. Today, it's time for another native cryptocurrency exchange token, because history shows that they often grow much faster than the market. Will it also be this time? So far it has been successful, so it's worth taking a closer look at it.

What is Tokenize Xchange 

Tokenize Xchange was founded in Malaysia. It supports both cryptocurrency pairs and crypto pairs with fiat currencies. Nothing new, but what distinguishes the stock exchange from the competition is huge insurance cover. Tokenize provides protection to the extent of up to $ 100 million. Most of them do not have such a protection program cryptocurrency exchanges. And of the recent emerging, none of it exists. No wonder the number of users is growing very fast, not only in Asia.

Cryptocurrencies can be placed through it in interest-bearing pools. Currently, the interest rates range from 4% to 11%, but these numbers change literally from day to day - they mainly depend on the scale of interest in tokens and the number of blocked units. Of course, smart contracts that are active 24/XNUMX watch over the maximum profitability of deposits.

The stock exchange also focuses on education: conducts regular trader education workshops, meetings, chats, offers help for beginners and is not limited to automatic replies given by sometimes annoying bots. 

Trading fees, on the other hand, depend on the trading volume - the higher the turnover, the lower the fees. 

Ultimately, the exchange is to be integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) that will help build completely safe blockchain, capable of eliminating human error. Its representatives emphasize, however, that even then it will not be a problem to talk to a live consultant.

How the token works

The backbone of the exchange is the TKX token. It allows you to cover transaction fees, thanks to which you benefit from preferential rates. You can also buy a premium or platinum membership, which will also translate into lower transaction fees and additional bonuses - e.g. higher bonuses received in the referral program. 

So TKX works similarly to Binance Coin (BNB), cryptocurrency exchanges Binance - a model example of increasing the value of cryptocurrencies thanks to the growing interest in the stock exchange. It is also available in virtually every cryptocurrency pair, which only adds to its popularity and makes it easier to buy. So the demand is growing, which is reflected in the price. 

There are also further plans for ICO offers that can be used with TKX. 

TKX cryptocurrency quotes

Currently, TKX can be purchased on three cryptocurrency exchanges, but looking at its potential, it is not difficult to guess that this number will grow rapidly. The fact that exchanges are reluctant to provide tokens from competing cryptocurrency exchanges should not be an obstacle either. As of October 13, 2022, 79 of the target 996 units are in circulation. Each of them costs USD 000, which translates into a capitalization of over USD 100 million. The peak of trading took place on October 000, 000, when TKX was paid $ 11,27.

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