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Watch out for clones of FXCM and Hantec Markets - warnings from BaFin and FCA

Watch out for clones of FXCM and Hantec Markets - warnings from BaFin and FCA

created Paweł MosionekDecember 6, 2018

There are official warnings against companies pretending to be popular Forex brokers that are present on the European market - FXCM Markets and Hantec Markets.

BaFin alerts you about the FXCM Markets clone

The German institution supervising the local financial market issued a warning against two companies - BT Systems Ltd and CRLink Limited. These entities do not have any permits or licenses to provide investment intermediation services. In both cases "Brokers" operate under the brand FXC Markets, which is supposed to be confusingly similar to FXCM Group Markets - an international Forex / CFD broker based in London.

Both clone companies are registered in the Marshall Islands and use the www.fxcmarkets.com website.

The official announcement

FCA warns against the Hantec Markets clone

British financial supervision, FCA, also issued a warning against two entities that pretend to be a broker popular on the local market - Hantec Markets. Entities with names Easy FX Trade and FCCoin they do not have any permits issued by FCA, and thus use the data part of an existing, regulated company.

Company Easy Fx Tradewhich also occurs under the name Easy Trade Globaltries to provide its services via the websites www.easyfxtrade.com and www.easytrade.global, where there is a Forex / CFD offer based on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

The official announcement

The service is a mirror image of Easy Fx Trade FCCoin. Contact details, website construction, offer and the fact that they do not have any permits to conduct this type of activity clearly indicate an attempt to cheat against which they comply "British KNF". The clone uses the website www.fccoin.co.uk.

The official announcement

We warn against using the services of unlicensed companies. Before opening an account, always make sure that the broker has the appropriate regulations and permits from the indicated institution supervising the financial market.

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