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Vipro Markets introduces protection against negative balances

Vipro Markets introduces protection against negative balances

created Paweł MosionekJanuary 19 2017

One of our partners, Vipro Markets, introduced protection against debit in its offer. Negative Balance Protection - NBP), and more specifically, before the need to repay it when such a situation arises. Protection covers all types of accounts and is not limited in amount.

What is protection against the negative balance of the account

If the customer's investment account reaches a situation where the stock of funds goes below zero, e.g. due to a price gap, a sharp change in the rate or an unexpected macroeconomic event (such as the release of the Swiss franc 15 January 2014), generally, the trader is obliged to pay back the debt which results from the accepted or signed contract when creating the account. Protection against the negative balance means that there is no such necessity, and the client only risks using funds up to the amount held on the capital account.

Vipro Markets is one of the two brokers (the other is FxPro) on the Forex Club website, which guarantees no debt repayment.

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