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WIG-20 the most powerful in the world over the past 2 weeks

WIG-20 the most powerful in the world over the past 2 weeks

created Forex ClubNovember 8 2022

WIG-20 increased by 1,05 percent on Monday. reaching the highest level since the end of August. Thus, its increase from the period of the last 16 sessions reached +19,1%. This is the strongest 16-session increase in this index since November 2020. During the past 20 sessions, WIG-2 was the strongest among the major stock exchange indices in the world (+12,9%). The WIG (+11,3%) in this ranking was third behind the Austrian ATX Index. During the past month, stronger than WIG-20 (+15,2%) there was only the Turkish XU100 (+21,4%) in the world.

World stock market

During Monday's session, the main indices of the US stock market increased (S & P 500 +0,96%, DJIA +1,31%, Nasdaq Composite +1,01%) trying to make up for last week's losses for the second session in a row. Today in the morning the S&P 500 contracts were lowering by 0,19%. approx. 8:35).

There was no dominant trend in the Asian and Oceania stock markets this morning. Approx. time. At 8:00 the Japanese Nikkei 225 grew the most (+1,25 percent), reaching the highest level for over 1,5 months. The largest - 1,04 percent - the New Zealand NZX50 dropped today.

The change in the value of WIG 20 at the opening of Tuesday's session was slight (-0,25% around 9:00).

The yield on 10-year US government treasury bonds was approaching its highest level since 2007, established at the end of October. The US government's 2-year yield (4,7284%) was still about half a percentage point higher than the 10-year yield (4,229%), which means that the economic recession "inversion" of the yield curve continues on this section at best.

Raw materials and currencies

The price of natural gas contracts in the Netherlands fell yesterday to the lowest level since Junewhile the price of similar contracts for British gas was the lowest since the second half of July. The price of contracts for American gas (Henry Hub) on NYMEX has been behaving differently recently: on October 21, the price dropped to the lowest level since March this year, and then increased by over 40%. from under $ 5 to over $ 7 on Monday.

This morning these futures corrected this rebound (-4,16% around 8:10). The price of hard coal contracts in Rotterdam fell by 9,95% yesterday. reaching the lowest level since the end of February this year. Contracts for precious metals slightly cheaper today (around 8:10 am gold -0,55%, silver -1,07%, platinum -0,25%, palladium -0,4%) and copper ( -0,05 percent).

The US dollar slightly appreciated this morning (USD / JPY +0,15% approx. 8:35). EUR / USD exchange rate it fell slightly below parity again (-0,24% to 0,99927).

The Polish zloty was weakening this morning (EUR / PLN +0,21%, USD / PLN +0,47% around 8:40).

Bitcoin's rate against the US dollar, which at the turn of October and November breached the upper limits of this year's downward trend channel, this morning, however, returned below USD 20000 (-3,24% around 8:00).

Source: Wojciech Białek, OANDA TMS Brokers

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