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The 2023 National Investor Survey has started. Take part today!

The 2023 National Investor Survey has started. Take part today!

created Forex ClubSEPTEMBER 23, 2023

Together with the Association of Individual Investors (SII), we invite you to take part in 21st edition of the National Investor Research (OBI). As every year, investors answer questions about how and when they invest, where they get information from and what their needs, opinions and preferences are when making investment decisions. This is the largest study of this type in Poland, the aim of which is to create a profile of an individual investor. The research results are widely commented on by the industry media, used in reports, rankings and presentations, and contribute to improving the quality of the offer of market institutions.

Nearly everyone took part in the previous editions 4000 respondents.

Nationwide Investor Research 2023

The main conclusion from last year's OBI study is the opening of Polish individual investors to investing in foreign markets. This is evidenced by data on shares held in foreign companies, as well as ETF funds listed outside the WSE, with a simultaneous decline in interest in the Polish stock exchange. At the same time, the demanding year meant that the average individual investor's portfolio increased in bonds (especially State Treasury bonds) and precious metals, and some of the funds were withdrawn to bank deposits. What was considered the greatest weakness of the Polish capital market? Most investors considered this to be a negative policy impact and a capital gains tax.

All collected data is presented collectively, so everyone fills out the survey anonymous. It will take time to complete the survey maximum 10 – 15 minutes. You can not only contribute to the development of a Polish investor profile, but also win one of 100 investment books.

The survey is available at:

The results of the OBI 2023 study will be announced at a press conference this year and, like previous reports, will be published on the website

We encourage you to take part in the study!

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