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Adam Zaremba - “Stock exchange. The basics of investing "[Review]

Adam Zaremba - “Stock exchange. The basics of investing "[Review]

created Natalia BojkoNovember 11 2022

There are many positions on the market related to investing in joint stock companies. In my opinion, one of the basic and easiest to receive is the work of Adam Zaremba. "Profit belongs to the prudent! " this is not only the book's motto, but also a small summary of the author's approach to investing. Anyone who dreams of starting their journey in the world of stock market investments should start with exactly this position. Stock market. The basics of investing is a must read in order to absorb knowledge about the functioning of the market in a simple and accessible way.

A few words about the author

adam zarembaAdam Zaremba is known in the investment world. He gained knowledge about it at the University of Economics in Poznań, Harvard University (USA), London School of Economics and Political Science (UK) and Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (Netherlands). Adam Zaremba is also an investment advisor (license no. 273) and an analyst of financial markets. He is an independent stock market investor with extensive and many years of experience. The item we are reviewing is not the only work on Mr. Adam's account. Among them, you can also mention “Earn like the best stock traders.”, “Structured products. Investments of the new times. ”,“ Stock exchange. A guide without edges. " and numerous scientific articles that can be safely found on the Internet.

Stock market. The basics of investing

stock market basics of investingThe book itself is broken down into very intuitive chapters that start with the most basic things like choosing your brokerage account. It seems to me that there is a complete set of information on how not only to invest, but to start your adventure with the stock market. From this position, you will learn what mechanisms drive the stock exchange, what its work looks like, what opportunities trading on the trading floor gives you and where it is best to allocate your funds for reasons such as stock market boom.

It contains intuitive and very clearly described tips for beginners. In addition, they are enriched with the rules of operation of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We will find here not only topics related to company securities, but also the bond and options market. Generally speaking, there are described capital market instruments that, in addition to shares, can be purchased on the stock exchange. Adam Zaremba also discussed the methods of managing the equity portfolio and all the basic methods of analysis. In my opinion, they are presented very objectively, so that the reader can decide on their individual selection to their needs. The author's numerous remarks and comments are helpful in this, which lead to the search for the best analytical solutions for the recipient.

Is it worth reaching for?

The answer to this question is rather obvious. Adam Zaremba has a great talent for the ability to simply describe quite complex things. An experienced investor could certainly systematize his knowledge in some areas, and a beginner could find in this book a source of valuable and clearly presented information. Another plus is the volume of the book and numerous examples. The whole thing is not overwhelming, and it certainly doesn't look like an academic textbook in any way. Another advantage is that Adam Zaremba constantly updates his publications, therefore the knowledge contained in the book "Stock market. The basics of investing " it is fresh and up-to-date.

To sum up, in our opinion, the position of Adam Zaremba should be on the list of books that must be reached by a beginner investor. Why? The answer is already in the introduction, which I will allow myself to quote:

“Effective investing requires hard and meticulous work, a strong psyche, and often a lot of knowledge. The history of the financial markets is paved with the biographies of those who initially thought otherwise and ended up bankrupted. The purpose of this book is to help you avoid their mistakes ".

We will leave you with exactly this message and encourage you to read it!

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