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CCI + RSI + Stochastic = Could it be possible at all? [Video]

CCI + RSI + Stochastic = Could it be possible at all? [Video]

created Forex Club23 May 2022

There are no perfect indicators. All tools have their downsides and can send false signals, misleading traders. But if each indicator individually gives a profit / loss ratio of 50/50, for example, why not just put them together and thus improve your results? Well, this was the idea behind the planning of this material, and you can see the realities by watching over the next 10 minutes.

Indicator parameters:

    • Stochastic - 14, 1, 3
    • RSI - 14,
    • source - closure
    • change of the border of the "sold out" zone to 35 and the "bought" zone to 65 CCI - 14


    • The strategy generates a large number of signals, which potential for a significant profit,
    • Easy to understand entry and exit rules,
    • Great opportunities for improvement, adding filters and other improvements.


    • In the presented form, a large number of erroneous signals is often generated,
    • It strongly absorbs our attention. Due to the number of generated signals, it will appeal mainly to people who spend a lot of time on charts and like to be "active".

Trading strategies is an educational cycle in which we present interesting investment systems intended for Forex market. We discuss the most important principles such as entering and exiting a transaction, the degree of risk, assessing the advantages and disadvantages and checking what results they generated on historical data.

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The partner of the educational cycle is Tickmill broker.

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