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The Marketplace Coindeal distributes its tokens. The pot is 45 million

The Marketplace Coindeal distributes its tokens. The pot is 45 million

created Michał SielskiJune 27 2019

One of the cryptocurrency exchanges in the world - Coindeal - has started giving away free tokens that it created. The pool is huge, as it amounts to as much as 45 tokens. In order to receive a token, certain conditions must be met, which are described below.


All users of the exchange, even those who have not completed the registration process, have never made any transactions, but have left their Internet addresses, receive just e-mails.

We read in them, among others:

"Hi! As far as we know, you still haven't claimed your free CDL tokens! Don't wait any longer and start acting. Log in to your account and receive your tokens. We would like to remind you that we are giving them away absolutely for free! Each fully verified user can pick up 100 free CDL tokens. "

100 tokens for 450 thousand people

The company wants to distribute tokens for 100 thousand after 450 their users. The principle is simple: first come, first served, but everyone will get the same amount. Regardless of how much money he has on his account, what turnover, etc. The number of available tokens keeps dropping all the time, and the company continues to promote and fuel emotions. On the main page all the time there is information about more people (names and country of origin) that have received profits.

What to do to get CDL tokens

However, in order to receive them, several conditions must be met. First of all, you must have a Coindeal account, but it must also undergo full verification. It is multi-stage, because full verification allows you to trade all cryptocurrencies available on the platform.

So you need to send photos of your ID card, driving license or passport. The standard is, of course, confirmation of the e-mail address, telephone number and logging in using Google Authenticator. After providing all your personal data, your identity is still verified and you can pick up your tokens and take full advantage of cryptocurrency trading. Especially since they are back in favor again, and the last volatility on the king of cryptocurrencies - that is, of course Bitcoinie - positively surprises. During the week, the BTC rate started from the level of 8,6 thousand. USD and for now it has stopped at 13,8 thousand. USD.

bitcoin graph

Bitcoin chart, D1 interval. Source: 5 XTB xStation

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