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Will there be a shortage of beer for the championship? [Closer to the Stock Exchange]

Will there be a shortage of beer for the championship? [Closer to the Stock Exchange]

created Forex ClubAugust 31 2022

At the end of August Gazprom will suspend gas transmission to Europe for three days. The Russian concern explains its decision by the necessity to undertake maintenance work. The company also notes that after the interruption, it intends to resume transmission, but with an efficiency of only 20%, or approximately 33 million cubic meters of gas per day. Meanwhile, many of the European warehouses of this raw material are already at least 80% full, which undoubtedly calmed the mood in the markets a bit.

Russian blackmail with raw materials

Gas prices in recent days they have recorded significant drops, and thanks to the reduced energy risk, the euro is returning to parity. However, Moscow's raw blackmail is taking its toll on domestic producers of nitrogen fertilizers. In response to the drastic increase in the price of natural gas, which is the main raw material in the production of these gas, the Grupa Azoty Group temporarily suspended its production. The Orlen Group came to the rescue, which, in order to guarantee the country's food security, decided to resume the production of fertilizers.

We invite you to the webinar Closer to the Stock Exchange, in which Maciej Kietliński will present the most important market information and discuss the most interesting companies listed on domestic and foreign stock exchanges.

In the latest webinar:

  • Are we in danger of a gas crisis?
  • Is there a boom in the uranium?
  • What's next with the valuation of Grupa Azoty? 

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Maciej KietlinskiMaciej Kietlinski - professionally involved in the analysis of capital markets since 2017. He gained the necessary experience in such renowned companies as BGŻ BNP Paribas or Noble Securities. In his last place of work, he specialized in the analysis of listed companies from the dynamically developing gaming sector. He also gave stock exchange comments on TV Biznes24, or and for Forbes, Reuters, Parkiet, Gazeta Wyborcza and PAP Biznes. Kietliński also focuses on development, which is why he is currently working on a doctoral dissertation in economics at the Warsaw School of Economics. CIIA, Investment Advisor or Stock Broker.

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