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Increase in the value of Forex deposits in the third quarter of 2017

Increase in the value of Forex deposits in the third quarter of 2017

created Paweł MosionekDecember 7, 2017

The upward trend in the value of deposits in Forex investment accounts continues. In the third quarter of 2017, the average value of a trader's deposit was $ 2, and the Australians turned out to be the most wealthy. Surprised? Or maybe quite the opposite? There are more interesting facts. The report on the activity of traders from around the world was prepared by the Finance Magnates Intelligence Department and CPattern.

Deposits on Forex accounts

The report covers changes that took place in 3Q 2017, which is from August to October. Based on the collected data, you can see an increase in the Forex market deposit from 2 000 $ to 2 375 $. The trend is undeniable and it can be concluded that Forex again returns to favor.

source: Finance Magnates

Binary options in an agonal state

The situation on the binary options market has also improved, but it is still much lower than in the case of accounts focused on classic currency investments. A historic low was recorded in August and the average deposit on an OB account was $ 309. In October, it was already $ 436. This, however, shows that the "binaries" are behind their best years. On the one hand, we have tightening the adjustment screw, on the other hand - many unethical entities that have damaged the trust of traders.

source: Finance Magnates

Dominating Australia and New Zealand

On average, Australians deposited the most - $ 3211,3. New Zealand traders came in second with $ 2823,8. At the same time, it translates into an increase in volumes with brokers from Australia in the same quarter (based on data from the Finance Magnates report). The third position belongs to Great Britain.

source: Finance Magnates

The first largest deposit in Turkey

Interesting data is presented by the FTD (First Time Deposit) indicator, ie the value of the first deposit made. Turkey is the leader with $ 1276,11. The Norwegians were not much worse. Interestingly, the third place was taken by traders from Brunei - the country which is on the 27th position of the International Monetary Fund lists of countries by GDP per capita (Poland is on 57 position). In TOP10 even such an inconspicuous country as Botswana was found.

source: Finance Magnates

The increase in FTD in Turkey may result from regulatory changes introduced earlier this year. Turkish supervision, by implementing new guidelines, forced day by day lower leverage to 1: 10 and raise the required minimum deposit up to 50 000 TRY (as a result of these changes, XTB decided to withdraw from this market).

The most active Asians

Malaysia fell out of the ranking due to investment activity. The second place was taken by the Chinese with a significant advantage over the third country - Turkey. And this shows perversely that limiting the leverage, even to such a low value as 1:10, does not necessarily have an impact on the decrease in the value of the deposit and the activity itself.

source: Finance Magnates

Based on the above charts, there is no relationship between the deposit paid and the activity. Highly developed countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, or even the USA, have not been included in the list of the top ten most active traders.

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