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KuCoin stock blacklisted. Check out 28 warnings

KuCoin stock blacklisted. Check out 28 warnings

created Forex Club13 Września 2022

September seems to be extremely busy for regulators of financial markets. The first half of the month brings another 28 entries on the lists of European regulators from countries such as Italy, Spain, Belgium and the United Kingdom. The warning lists include forex and crypto scams, and even a well-known and valued entity such as KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange. Details below.

We advise you to be very vigilant and warn you against using the services of non-regulated entities.

How to recover funds from a fraudster

MyChargeBack.com is an American company specializing in the recovery of funds extorted by unreliable companies and "scams" pretending to be honest Forex brokers, binary options brokers and cryptocurrency projects. If you've been scammed, there's a good chance that MyChargeBack.com will be able to help you!

We warn against using the services of unlicensed companies. Before opening an account, always make sure it is correct the broker has the appropriate regulations and permits at the indicated financial market supervisory institution.

CONSOB warns against 5 scammers

Italian regulator, CONSOB, added 5 new items to the list, although de facto all entries refer to recidivist scams that Italians had already warned against. Only the domains have changed. This shows that the names of the scams are worth remembering at least a bit, because the scammers themselves do not make much effort to create new "projects".


  • Web page: www.sungerfx.com
  • Entity name: Sunrfx Limited

Five Markets / 5 Markets

  • Web page: www.fivemarkets.io / www.fivemarkets.cc
  • Entity name: Uncanny Services LLC

Grand Trades

  • Web page: www.grandtrades.eu
  • Entity name: GrandTrade Pvt Ltd


  • Web page: www.tedex.co / www.tedex.cc
  • Entity name: Vermillion Consulting LLC

Finex Trader

  • Web page: www.finextrader.com
  • Entity name: Finex Group Limited

Press release CONSOB

CNMV warns of KuCoin and 4 others

The Spanish regulator entered 5 entities on the list of warnings, including the cryptocurrency exchange popular around the world - KuCoin.


The cryptocurrency exchange from Hong Kong has been on the market since 2017. It offers access to a large number of tokens and is dynamically developing. It also has its own cryptocurrency, KuCoin (KCS)which has over $ 1,5 billion in capitalization. KuCoin is a brand that enjoys recognition among customers - so why is it on the CNMV warning list? The reason is the lack of the required authorization to offer investment intermediation products in Spain. As we know from experience, a bit of ambiguity is enough to "catch up" with regulators and hit the "black list". This could also be the case here.

  • Web page: www.kucoin.com
  • Entity name: Mek Global Limited

DT Securities (clone)

Fraudsters impersonate a legitimate entity, using their data to gain the trust of potential victims.

  • Web page: www.dtsecurities.net
  • Entity name: Vantage International Group Limited

Data of a legally operating entity:

  • Name of the entity: DT SECURITIES AG


  • Web page: www.toponewallet.co
  • Entity name: Topone Digital Asset Management Group

MetaMaxFx (clone)

Fraudsters impersonate a legitimate entity, using their data to gain the trust of potential victims.

  • Web page: www.tedex.co / www.tedex.cc
  • Entity name: Vermillion Consulting LLC

Data of a legally operating entity:

  • Name of the entity: METAGESTIÓN, SGIIC, SAU

Definite Area

  • Web page: www.definitearea.com

CNMV press release

FCA does not disappoint and reports 15 new scams

British regulator, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), once again leads the way and even "bombards" us with another list of warnings against forex and crypto scams. None of the entities has the required licenses and permits to conduct their business, and the only purpose of the fraudsters is to obtain funds from potential investors. Below is a list of them.


Scam recidivist. Earlier, regulators informed about this entity, including from France and Spain.

  • Web page: www.bbanc.com

Official FCA message


  • Web page: www.thestreetfx.com

Official FCA message

MTH Investments Financial

  • Web page: www.mthinvestment.com

Official FCA message

Elite Bonds

  • Web page: www.elite-bonds.com

Official FCA message

CREX247 Binary Trading

  • Web page: www.crex247binaryfxtrading.com
  • Entity name: CREX247 Binary Trading Limited

Official FCA message

Horizon Crypto

  • Web page: www.horizoncrypto.ltd
  • Entity name: Horizon Crypro Limited

Official FCA message

FxEdge Options / Fx Edge Market

  • Web page: www.fxedgemarket.com

Official FCA message

Winnex Primemarkets Online

  • Web page: www.winnex-primemarkets.online

Official FCA message


  • Web page: email.investment-group.co.uk/invest-mail

Official FCA message

Ultra Cryptocoin Fx / Ultra CryptoFx

  • Web page: www.ultracryptocoinfx.com

Official FCA message

JKMT Trading

  • Web page: www.jkmt.online
  • Entity name: JKMT Trading Limited

Official FCA message

Fundrise Global

  • Web page: www.fundrise-globalinvest.com

Official FCA message


  • Web page: www.marketfxm.com

Official FCA message

Variant FX

  • Web page: www.varliantfx.com

Official FCA message

U.S. International Escrow Commission

  • Web page: www.usiec.org

Official FCA message

Belgians warn of 3 scams

The Belgian financial regulator, FSMA, has entered 3 crypto entities on the list of warnings. These are:

Crypto Profit Fx

  • Web page: www.cryptoprofitfx.com


  • Web page: www.tenndex.com


  • Web page: www.xmsite.live / www.xmsite-coin.com

Official FSMA announcement

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