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Glen Arnold "Investing in Value" or How to Become an Effective Investor

Glen Arnold "Investing in Value" or How to Become an Effective Investor

created Natalia BojkoSEPTEMBER 25, 2022

Many financial books, foreign investors - writers have not yet been translated into Polish. For some readers, this may be a serious obstacle. Fortunately, the reading we want to outline in this article has been published in our national language. Its volume may seem a bit scary, and the table of contents slightly resembles an academic textbook. However, let this not fool any potential reader who has planned to read it or has already read it.

Its creator - Glen Arnold works as a professor of finance at Salford University. However, he is not only a theorist. He is a well-known investor and entrepreneur who, in a reliable, simple and accessible way, betrayed and compared in his position the practices of a long-term investor. Book "Investing in value"Is a kind of synthesis that connects various investors with a similar, long-term concept. Gathering the most outstanding individuals in the world of capital markets, discussing their strategies and psychology, plans and mistakes, has produced great results. I will not at the beginning reveal what conclusion is reached after reading this item. I think that anyone who reaches for it will come to it after the first two chapters, and will be strengthened in it by translating the last, written page.

Experience required?

In my opinion, this book has no attributes associated with the need to have extensive knowledge of investing in stocks, nor the minimum that you need to know to understand it. It is absorbed at a rapid pace, because all the strategies, thoughts and investment ideas provided there are inscribed in the biography of the "heroes" and their history. This apparent brick is really fluent and even intuitive to read. It will certainly be an extremely interesting position for people who are looking for their own style, want to learn about actual strategies and real people who used them, earning considerable money on them.

Investing in Value is a book devoid of "university deliberations" and dry, hackneyed facts. This is an extremely fantastic feature of this item. I will not count any books about the stock market, companies or analyzes that have been read, but the calculation will reach at least sixteen. It is hard to find one that so coherently combines the obvious conclusions drawn from the history of the investors presented there with the realities of the market.

Two worlds collide

Given the fact that Glen Arnold is a university professor, I expected a greater theorization of the strategies and concepts presented. However, it collides two worlds. The reality of market practitioners and the reality of people who only describe it, looking for ideal investment methods, but never using them. We can find here a lot of intellectual concepts that are related to the broadly understood financial markets.

The originality of this book lies, among other things in a relatively light message and comprehensible forms of presenting "university" issues. We go a bit through the world of learning the theorists' intentions in this field, to the analysis of enterprises according to a specific long-term investor. We can easily evaluate both presented solutions according to objective criteria. Thanks to this, we can easily make an initial selection of the most important methods and strategies for long-term capital investment. Moreover, a set of even general rules can be put into practice with great ease and freedom.

Who doesn't like "Investing in Value"?

Of course, even the greatest work will find its critics and people who simply won't like it in the world. In this connection, I would like to add that Glen Arnold in his book focused on long-term (even eternal) capital placement. Therefore, such personalities such as Buffett, Lynch, Neff, Graham and Fisher are among the author's main interests. "Investing in Value" inevitably negates technical analysis, building a highly diversified portfolio, and any available help in the form of forecasts and analyzes or charts.

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People who want to know the golden method or "patent" for effective analysis of the company, will find here a large amount of advice and tips, but may be a bit disappointed that they are not proverbial saying "served on a plate". These are issues that we would not seem to pay attention to, or consider them to be really secondary. In the book, however, they are strongly prioritized.

The book is recommended to brokers, investment advisers and fund managers. It is this group that may look a little less favorably towards this reading. More than once or twice, we will find in it chapters that solidly argue the advantage of an individual investor over an institutional one. Moreover, the role of analysts (especially those who make long-term forecasts) is often reduced to considering their work a pointless occupation.

In the footsteps of the greatest investors

"... the market - like God - helps those who helped themselves, but - unlike God - does not forgive those who do not know what they are doing". The words of Warren Buffett are certainly the culmination of the entire book by Glen Arnold. It is a book that you like to come back to and read (even if only fragments) again. It has no limitations in the form of experience, knowledge or skills.

The idea of ​​"Investing in Value" is based on the desire to show investors the path of long-term investment of capital, following the footsteps of the greatest investors in the world. The hints and tips gathered there and the conclusions presented shed fresh and new light on this way of investing capital. We often think that we know perfectly well and are able to define the concept of investing in value.

Glen Arnold's book can illustrate how shallowly we reach the precision and the essence of these words. We do not want to fully reveal what profiles were presented there and what advice was described. We leave their discovery to the pleasure of those who decide to devote some time to this reading. For our part, we are convinced that it is a fantastic supplement to knowledge, and for those unfamiliar with the subject, a very good starting point for getting to know an accessible and understandable form of analysis of the stock market.

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