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Falls on the Asian and Oceania stock exchanges, a 13-year Hang Senga minimum

Falls on the Asian and Oceania stock exchanges, a 13-year Hang Senga minimum

created Forex ClubSEPTEMBER 28, 2022

Hang Senga decline and European markets

In Asia and Oceania, another decline in Hang Seng was noticed this morning (-3,73%), which reached its new lowest level since 2009. Other Chinese stock indices also fell today (Shanghai Composite -2,25%, Shanghai B-Share -1,96%). The main stock indices in Japan, South Korea and Australia lost almost 1 percent today.

This morning, most of the European stock markets also weakened (DAX -0,97%, CAC 40 -0,85% around 9:45). Apart from the PGNiG price, the share prices of all components fell at the beginning of Friday's session WIG 20 (over 3% discounts were recorded by the share prices of Dino Polska, KGHM and Allegro). XTB's share price was the highest in history today. More than 11 percent Rafako's share price rose this morning. Rafako's share price fell to the lowest level in over two years this morning.

WIG-20, which yesterday closed for the first time in a month above the level of 1500 points. this morning it came back below it again (-1,31% around 9:45).

US bond yields

Yesterday, the yield on 10-year treasury bonds of the US government fell below 4%. Today in the morning the yields of 10Y bonds in the US and the euro zone crash were slightly rising. The profitability of the 10Y Polish government, which briefly exceeded 9% a week ago and then fell, was below 8% this morning.

Yesterday, the new lowest since August last year. the level was reached by the price of coffee contracts on the ICE. This morning, the price of cotton contracts on ICE fell to the lowest level since the end of 2020. Yesterday, after a decline of over 6% the lowest price in 2 years was the price of iron ore contracts on COMEX. Slightly over 1 percent. crude oil and US natural gas contracts fell this morning.

Courses EUR / USD returned yesterday below parity and approx. 9:20 it continued to decline slightly (-0,19%). The US dollar also appreciated slightly against the Japanese yen (+ 0,4%).

The Polish zloty exchange rate against the main currencies recorded slight changes this morning (EUR / PLN +0,01%, USD / PLN +0,2%).

Bitcoin's exchange rate against the US dollar was falling today around 9:15 by 0,84%, but remained slightly above the 20000 level.

Source: Wojciech Białek, OANDA TMS Brokers

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