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Summary of the third phase of the competition: Trading Competition III

Summary of the third phase of the competition: Trading Competition III

created Forex ClubJuly 8 2019

For three weeks, competition in an investment competition organized by has been underway. Last week brought many changes in the ranking power system. Most of the top traders are new participants. Table Trading Competition III it does not resemble that of the first week at all. The fourth and last week of struggles in the forex competition is ahead of us.

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The result achieved in the first week Trading Competition III


The result after the third week of struggles

forex contest

Closing the list

Registration for the competition was closed on Saturday, July 20.07.2019, 24 at 00:1988. The main prize will be won by someone who is already ranked. Just before the closing of the final list, Kamil and Pelasia - known from previous editions of the competition - managed to register pierog XNUMX. In this line-up, if no one is disqualified, traders should stay until the end of the competition.

Current leader and TOP 5

Currently, Toxic is the leader that has been in the first place for a long time. Taking into account the advantage of 84% of profit over the second competitor of "traderekMały", he will probably take the victory to the finish line. TraderekSmall would have to bet everything on one card to dethrone Toxic. AnnaFX is third, 234% behind the leader. In the fourth and fifth places, kuba_potacki and Paweł Augustyn are suitable. The first five is quite stable, only AnnaFX is fighting for 3rd place with kuba_potacki.

Equity chart

Graph of capital curves

For the first time since the beginning of this forex competition, the equity and balance classification is the same for all five traders.

God's or gambling effect?

Last week, several traders who fought for high positions, including Larcz, who was the leader in the middle of the competition, unfortunately due to several wrong decisions, his equity fell below 70% and had to be excluded. It is easy to break out traders into 2 groups. The first group is those who are in the lead, and then their portfolio is przelewarowany and unfortunately, a few bad decisions cause a significant loss of capital. The second group is the one that opens up a lot from the very beginning

Excluded traders:

  • qfaxs
  • TomaszP
  • SpeculatorLT
  • Karol Radomski
  • Grzegorz_trader
  • Mikołaj Zawadzki
  • Larcz

Any trader who drops from equity below 70% is excluded. This rule allows you to look at the competition as a show of a trader's workshop, not a coin toss and waiting for the main prize in the competition.

The last week of struggles is ahead of us. Will Toxic be the winner. Will traderekmały put everything on one card? We will know all this on Friday after the closing of the trading week.

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