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Tickmill introduces 10 new thematic contracts to its offer

Tickmill introduces 10 new thematic contracts to its offer

created Forex Club22 February 2022

International Forex / CFD Broker Tickmill announced the addition of a completely new range of instruments that are already available for trading on the MetaTrader 4 platform. These are various types of futures contracts based on different sectors, e.g. cryptocurrencies, bonds, stock markets as well as commodities. In total, the list of available stocks was extended by 10 items.

New thematic contracts at Tickmill

The introduced novelties are the result of cooperation with Small Exchange, a company supervised by the American CFTC, which offers access to various types of futures, "customer-oriented". Elaborated by Tickmill a pricing mechanism based on direct exchange prices allowed these contracts to be made available to traders on the MT4 platform.

List of new instruments:

  • SCCX: Futures contracts for "Small" Cryptocurrencies allow investors to invest, speculate and manage risk in cryptocurrency-based securities.
  • S420: Small cannabis futures allow traders to speculate on the stock prices of manufacturers and distributors of medical and recreational cannabis products.
  • STIX: Small Technology 60 provides comprehensive access to the technology sector by following the most active actions in the information, retail, media and biotechnology industries.
  • SM75: Small Stocks 75 stock futures give investors access to the most active stocks in the technology, industrial, energy, financial and materials sectors.
  • SFX: US dollar futures.
  • SPRE: Precious metals (mini) futures give traders easy access to the three most popular metals - gold, silver and platinum - in one simple trade.
  • S2Y: Small 2-year US Treasury futures provide investors with simplified access to short-term interest rates for hedging and speculation.
  • S10Y: Small 10-year US Treasury futures allow investors to skip calculations that translate profit into price by simplifying floating interest rates into one concise profitability.
  • S30Y: Small 30-year US Treasury futures allow investors to easily invest in bonds by simplifying floating interest rates into a single, concise yield.
  • SMO: Small US crude oil futures give investors direct access to one of the world's most consumed energy sources at a reasonable size in a historically volatile market.

Small Exchange CFDs can be traded from Monday to Friday 13:05 - 21:55 GMT. Detailed specification of the instruments is available here.

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