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Trader of the Month with 100% effectiveness in October [Tickmill Competition]

Trader of the Month with 100% effectiveness in October [Tickmill Competition]

created Paweł MosionekNovember 7 2018

Trader of the month - October 2018

This has not happened in the history of Tickmill competition - 100% effectiveness throughout the month meant that Abdelnaby was selected by the jury as the trader of the month. Just 18 transactions was enough to earn over 200%, which is over $ 47 in total. Congratulations!

How did he do it? About this below.

Tickmill doubles the prize
From September 2017, the broker will be able to select not one and two traders of the month, where each of them will receive an award of 1000 $

100% efficiency, but the transaction is not much

The result is certainly impressive. In earlier editions, there were results with an efficiency of 97% and more items, but no one has yet kept a "clean sheet". The account history tells us more.

18 transactions. All profitable. All about the 3.0 lot volume. 6 currency pairs. Mainly British pound and US dollar. Only two long positions. So in a nutshell you can summarize the statement of the winner of the competition.

In fact, trading on the account lasted only 18 calendar days, which is even more impressive. Each transaction was equipped with Stop Loss and Take Profit. Interestingly, the positions were closed manually before reaching the TP level. The profit per position ranged from approximately $ 1800 to $ 5000 and the profits were regularly paid out or transferred to sub-accounts.

The transactions were mainly concluded at night (probably due to the different time zone of the trader), and the life of the position was from several hours to even several days. Unfortunately, Abdelnaby answered the questions quite narrowly, so he leaves you with the details of working out his strategy :-).

capital curve

Abdelnaby Equity Curve - October 2018

Transaction history in numbers:

  • Profit: 47 512 $
  • Return: 207,47%
  • Total number of transactions: 18
  • Profitable transactions: 100%

Statement trader (PDF)

Interview with a trader

How long have you been involved in trade?

I have been trading since the 2017 year.

How did your adventure with Forex trading begin?

By a friend.

What is your trading style?

I use classic trading methods.

Do you have any risk management policies?

Trading on Forex is full of risk, but I manage to manage capital effectively.

What good habits should investors be fooled about?

Be patient and do not be greedy.

Describe your best / most-remembered transaction (How much did you earn? What strategy did you use? On which pair?)

My best position was at GBPJPY when I turned the trend and earned 200 pips.

What advice would you give to novice investors?

Before becoming a trader, become an analyst.

Considering the current market situation, what do you think data / investors should pay attention to?

It is important to be careful and check the annual resistance and support.

What is the most important thing you expect from a Broker?

Spreads and quick payment of profits.

competition rules

The trader is selected by the Tickmill Jury. The win is not only determined by the rate of return - it is the total that matters. Overall, i.e. the factors such as earned profit, position management, risk and trading skills are taken into account. There is also one more necessary condition - interviewing the broker and consent to make the account history public. Only then does the prize of $ 1 go to the trader's investment account.

The principles introduced are aimed not only at showing that you can make money on the Forex market, but also consciously educate and encourage sharing experience with other traders.

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Paweł Mosionek
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