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Trader of the Month earned in June over 32 000 USD [Tickmill Competition]

Trader of the Month earned in June over 32 000 USD [Tickmill Competition]

created Paweł MosionekJuly 9 2019

Trader of the month - June 2019

The next edition of the competition Tickmill behind us. We met the best trader of the month, who stood out in June with the strategy used and the result achieved. An investor named Shingien made over $ 32 in June, returning a 000% return on his starting capital. However, what is impressive is the fact how few items he needed for it ... Congratulations!

What strategy did he choose? About this below. We also encourage you to read the extensive interview given to Tickmill.

$ 32 and just ... 000 transactions!

More is better? Not necessarily, and Shingien's actions are the best example of this. During the last month, he made only 9 transactions, of which only 5 turned out to be profitable. Looking at the short account history, you can see that out of these 5 transactions, only 3 were responsible for the high rate of return. In addition, they were opened at the beginning of May, and now profits have been realized (according to the formula of the competition, the moment of closing the position is important, not opening).

The trader of the month focused on stock indices - Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 (marked as US30) and Hang Seng 50 (marked as HK50). He didn't insist on either direction and opened both long and short positions. The positions themselves were probably opened by pending orders and then “looked after” manually.

Let's move on to the issue of risk. Neither position had a stop loss set, but you can see that losses were cut fairly quickly by hand and gains had time to grow. In order to reduce the risk, Shingien regularly paid out profits from the account and used constant values ​​of the volume for a given asset.

Is patience and self-confidence the key?

month trader June 2019

Shingien capital curve - June 2019

Transaction history in numbers:

  • Profit: 32,131.31 $
  • Return: 258.13%
  • Total number of transactions: 9
  • Profitable transactions: 55.56%

Statement trader (PDF)

Interview with a trader

How long have you been involved in trade?

I have been on the Forex market for the past 3.

How did your adventure with Forex trading begin?

After visiting the website, I became more and more interested in investing and finally started trading.

What is your trading style?

Average and long-term following the trend.

Do you have any risk management policies?

Yes, risk management is very important to operate capital effectively.

What good habits should investors be fooled about?

They should cut losses and allow profits to grow.

Describe your best / most-remembered transaction (How much did you earn? What strategy did you use? On which pair?)

I have most remembered the put option GBP / USD, where I earned 50.000 USD.

What advice would you give to novice investors?

Learn to specify the size of the order that's right for you. Control what flight you trade and do not use 100% margin.

Considering the current market situation, what do you think data / investors should pay attention to?

Pay attention to individual market trends when tracking market news. Saying "let profit work" may not always apply.

What is the most important thing you expect from a Broker?

  • Transaction costs, e.g. swaps, spreads, etc.,
  • Stability of the entire system,
  • Broker reputation.

competition rules

The winner of the competition is selected by the Tickmill Jury. The win is not only determined by the rate of return - it is the total that matters. Factors such as earned profit, position management, risk and trading skills are taken into account. There is also one more necessary condition - interviewing the broker and consent to make the account history public. Only then does the prize of $ 1 go to the trader's investment account.

The principles introduced are aimed not only at showing that you can make money on the Forex market, but also consciously educate and encourage sharing experience with other traders.

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Paweł Mosionek
An active trader on the Forex market since 2006. Editor of the Forex Nawigator portal and editor-in-chief and co-creator of the website. Speaker at the "Focus on Forex" conference at the Warsaw School of Economics, "NetVision" at the Gdańsk University of Technology and "Financial Intelligence" at the University of Gdańsk. Twice winner of "Junior Trader" - investment game for students organized by DM XTB. Addicted to travel, motorbikes and parachuting.

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