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Watch out for the next 30 scams from the Forex and cryptocurrency market!

Watch out for the next 30 scams from the Forex and cryptocurrency market!

created Forex Club17 February 2023

Another wave of scams has appeared, which regulators from Europe warn against. A total of 30 entities have been placed on public alert lists from countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal. The infamous group includes typical scams from the Forex and cryptocurrency markets, as well as clone companies that use data elements of legally operating entities.

We recommend that you be particularly vigilant when establishing new cooperation and warn against using the services of unregulated entities.

How to recover funds from a fraudster

MyChargeBack.com is an American company specializing in the recovery of funds extorted by unreliable companies and "scams" pretending to be honest Forex brokers, binary options brokers and cryptocurrency projects. If you've been scammed, there's a good chance that MyChargeBack.com will be able to help you!

We warn against using the services of unlicensed companies. Before opening an account, always make sure it is correct the broker has the appropriate regulations and permits at the indicated financial market supervisory institution.

FCA warns of 20 Forex & Crypto scams

British regulator, FCA, once again does not disappoint and is a leader in terms of the number of scams it warns against. This time the list is extended by 20 items. It includes such entities as:


  • Web page: www.websteroptions.com

Official FCA message

Tophood Fx Trade 247

  • Web page: www.tophoodfxtrade-247.com

Official FCA message

E Trade Option

  • Web page: www.etradesoption.com

Official FCA message


  • Web page: www.exorfxstrade.com

Official FCA message

Profit Miners Info

  • Web page: www.profit-miners.info

Official FCA message


  • Web page: www.extreme-access.ltd

Official FCA message

Stakes Holdings

  • Web page: www.stakesholdings.net

Official FCA message

Fx-Capital / FURUREVIEW Express

  • Web page: www.fx-capital.co.uk

Official FCA message

Skyler Fin Bank

  • Web page: www.skylerfinbank.com

Official FCA message


Scam-recidivist. Earlier, it had already appeared on the list of warnings from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and the FMA.

  • Web page: www.uni-co.org

Official FCA message


  • Web page: www.recovery-global.com

Official FCA message

Upgraded Trade Fx

  • Web page: www.upgradedtradefx.com

Official FCA message

Expert Crypto Miners

  • Web page: www.expertcrypto-miners.com

Official FCA message

Egow Investments

  • Web page: www.egow.io

Official FCA message

Trade Globe Fx

  • Web page: www.tradeglobfx.com

Official FCA message

Keystone Crypto

  • Web page: www.keystonecrypto.com

Official FCA message

Bit Tradex

  • Web page: www.bit-tradex.org

Official FCA message

Nextpoint Global

  • Web page: www.nexpoint-global.com

Official FCA message


  • Web page: www.nexglobal-cop.com

Official FCA message

JEK Trade

  • Web page: www.jektrade.com

Official FCA message

German supervision warns against RXK Capital

BaFin, the German financial regulator, warns against:

RXK Capital

  • Website: www.rxkcapital.com
  • Entity name: RXK Management Limited

Official BaFin announcement

6 warnings from the Austrian FMA

The Austrian financial markets regulator, the FMA, issued a warning message against 6 forex & crypto scams. These are:


  • Website: www.rkase.com
  • Entity name: Ritzco Markets Limited

Official FMA message

Tera Trade

  • Website: www.teratrade.co

Official FMA message


  • Website: www.trillant.com
  • Entity name: EUPAC Digital Services Limited

Official FMA message

Crypto Active Trading

  • Website: www.cryptoactivetrading.net

Official FMA message

Delta Investment

  • Website: www.deltainvestment.at

Official FMA message

Keystone International Markets/KSI Markets

  • Website: www.ksi-markets.com
  • Entity name: Keystone International Markets Limited

Official FMA message

Switzerland warns against 2 scams

Swiss financial supervision, FINMA, has issued a warning against AI Profit, a company masquerading as a legitimate entity, and Gibbit.

AI Profit

A scam-clone that impersonates a legitimate company by using its data.

  • Website: www.ai-profit.com

Data of the company that uses the scam:

  • Entity name: Artificial Intelligence Suisse S.A
  • Reference number: CHE-441.395-086

Official FINMA announcement

Gibbt / Geneva Investment Bank & Blockchain Trust / Geneva IB&BT

  • Website: www.gibbt.com

Official FINMA announcement

Regulator from Portugal warns against Quotex

CMVM, the financial institution that supervises the Portuguese financial market, has issued a warning against:


  • Website: www.quotex.com / quotex-trade.io / qxbroker.com / quotex.io / quotexcorretora.com / partner.qxbroker.com
  • Entity name: Maxbit LLC/Awesomo Limited

CMVM official announcement

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