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Webinar: Market mechanics - the laws governing the price

Webinar: Market mechanics - the laws governing the price

created Paweł MosionekApril 8 2016

Webinar Rafał Glinicki

Already 14 April, we invite you to a meeting with Rafał Glinicki, who will lead a webinar on the laws governing the market and, above all, price. The training will be all the more special, it will be a kind of introduction and invitation for this year's edition of the WallStreet conference. Not only that, just at the end of the webinar, Rafał Glincki predicted for all participants of the webinar and conference WallStreet a unique, extremely valuablegift.

Market mechanics - the laws governing the price

  • What signals predict the return of the market price
  • How to recognize the end of the correction
  • Raw materials are getting more expensive and what's next

Webinar will lead:

rafal-glinicki (1)Rafał Glinicki, VSA TRADER - Trader, expert in the field of Volume Spread Analysis methodology, practical approach to Elliott wave theory and advanced market geometry. He is the founder of VSA TRADER Sp. Z o. O. He has experience supported by many years of practice in trading, he is twice a winner of the top ten in the "World Top Investor" competition, in which traders from all over the world participate.

As the only trader in Europe, he obtained the recommendation of Tom Williams, the creator of the Volume Spread Analysis methodology, an outstanding, well-known and successful trader of the US stock exchange consortium.

He is the author of the book "Contracts, Surowce, Forex". Once inspired by the story of Curtis M. Faith - Richard Dennis's student, he is currently creating the Polish edition of the project "Group of Turtles". The aim of the project is to create and develop a selected group of traders with one coherent and precisely refined decision process, based on which they will successfully invest money on the largest markets in the world.

To participate in the free webinar, you must register on the SII website. 

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An active trader on the Forex market since 2006. Editor of the Forex Nawigator portal and editor-in-chief and co-creator of the website. Speaker at the "Focus on Forex" conference at the Warsaw School of Economics, "NetVision" at the Gdańsk University of Technology and "Financial Intelligence" at the University of Gdańsk. Twice winner of "Junior Trader" - investment game for students organized by DM XTB. Addicted to travel, motorbikes and parachuting.

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