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Tickmill broker reduces spreads and swaps. EUR / USD with 0.0 pips spread

Tickmill broker reduces spreads and swaps. EUR / USD with 0.0 pips spread

created Paweł Mosionek13 March 2020

British Forex broker Tickmill announced a significant reduction in spreads and swaps on accounts. In some cases, the reduction is significant, which, combined with very low commissions, gives the effect of one of the most profitable offers on the market!

The reduction of fees is combined with a 10% discount on the commission for Forex Club members

EUR / USD - 0.0 pips spread

The spreads for the most commonly traded currency pairs, i.e. EUR / USD, GBP / USD and EUR / JPY, have been reduced the most. In the case of the Eurodollar, the difference is ... 100% (!). As a result, the total transaction cost, including commissions and Forex Club rebate for EUR / USD it is only 0,4 pips - no additional conditions or requirements.

tickmill spreads


The message reads:

“We are proud to announce that we have established exclusive partnerships with several liquidity providers, making us one of the cheapest brokers in the industry. First, we narrowed our spreads on major currency pairs and gold. By working with several liquidity providers, we created a deep liquidity pool using advanced aggregation software - ensuring spreads from 0 with increased order execution. "

The reduction of spreads applies to both PRO and Classic accounts. In the case of Classic accounts, the spread is reduced in the same amount expressed in pips (e.g. -0.2 pips for EUR / USD).

It should be remembered that typical spreads do not mean guaranteed spreads but only the average value observed for the vast majority of time under normal market conditions. In emergency situations and in a period of reduced liquidity, these spreads may be higher. However, this does not change the fact that they are among the most attractive on the market.

Swaps down too

In addition to day-traders and scalpers Tickmill he also nodded at long-term investors. Reduced swap rateswhose current values ​​can be checked in instrument specifications on the broker site. Swap changes also apply to both PRO and Classic accounts.

“Second, we have significantly lowered swap rates to allow clients to keep their trades open longer without having to sacrifice profits due to unnecessary extra costs. Our goal is always to provide our clients with a diverse range of trading instruments, while at the same time providing the conditions for successful trading. We are constantly striving to develop the services we offer to our clients, and this is the next step that allows us to do so. " - we read in the announcement.


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  • Pioter
    17 March 2020 at 12: 13

    Unfortunately, for a few days now the spread on DAX is 0.8p instead of 6.8p !!! Massacre ... Even Polish brokers already have a better offer on DAX ...

    • Paweł Mosionek
      18 March 2020 at 08: 08

      Hi, it is true that the spreads on the selected instruments have increased. This is the effect of what is happening on the market. Volatility is rampant and as a result, liquidity providers have raised the spreads for brokers. Tickmill is no exception here. Yesterday in LMAX I saw a spread of around 9 pips. Polish brokers also raised them, although not on such a scale (perhaps other liquidity providers or take everything "on the chest").

      DAX's daily range of movement over the past two weeks is between 700.0 and 1300.0 points. If volatility calms down, then spreads will return to normal.

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