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Polish individual investors continue to benefit from their involvement in big tech

Polish individual investors continue to benefit from their involvement in big tech

created Paweł MosionekApril 13 2023

Despite the yet unknown future impact of AI on the IT sector, Polish individual investors continued to benefit from their continued loyalty to big tech, and the sector saw a partial recovery in 2023. Although Coca-Cola gained the most holders (+20%), it did not make it to the top ten, while the biggest changes concerned Microsoft (+17%) and Alphabet (+12%).

In a nutshell:

  • Big tech continues to dominate eToro's list of most popular stocks; led by Tesla, Amazon and Apple
  • Coca-Cola gained the largest number of owners in the second quarter
  • Warners Bros, NVIDIA Corporation and Netflix among the most traded stocks in QXNUMX

Tesla, Amazon, Apple dominate

eToro checked which companies recorded the largest proportional change of owners at the end of Q2023 2022 compared to the end of Q10 XNUMX, while analyzing the XNUMX most frequently held shares on the platform (table).

They were at the forefront of the most-owned shares Tesla, Amazon i Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),, all of which have seen a significant improvement in share prices this year, with Tesla's share price up 68%. compared to year-on-year. Other stocks on this list include NVIDIA (+90% year-to-date), Meta (+76% year-to-date), which along with Tesla were the top three performing stocks in the entire S&P 500 in 2023 year.

On the other hand, the list of the most sold shares in the first quarter in Poland included Warner Bros. (-8%), followed by NVIDIA Corporation (-8%) and Meta Platforms (-6%). Surprisingly, it dropped out of the top ten this quarter Netflixlosing 6 percent.

Globally, there are several banks among the top 10 "highest risks", indicating that investors have been trying to buy during the declines following the recent turmoil in the banking sector. The number of global eToro users holding Credit Suisse shares increased by 242%, while BNP Paribas SA (+36%) and Bank of America (+38%) also saw strong increases.

Commenting on the data, eToro market analyst Paweł Majtkowski said:

Investors were rewarded last quarter for their loyalty to big tech companies. Stock prices across the sector have started to recover, although in many cases they are still far from their previous highs. The tech giants have very high margins on their products and very secure balance sheets, so they are well equipped to weather future economic hardships. Their popularity has also been influenced by the increased interest in artificial intelligence (AI). The development of this technology may be of key importance for the valuation of these companies in the coming years.

Majtkowski adds:

Tesla has been the most popular company among Polish eToro investors for many quarters. Many investors were with the company in its worst moments, now they have made up for it with a surplus. It can be seen that Polish investors strongly believe in the development of electric cars, among the 10 most popular investments there are as many as two companies operating directly on this market. And also other companies operating in the autonomous vehicle market.

Table: It shows which stocks are most commonly held by eToro users worldwide and their position in the last quarter.

Company Current ranking Ranking at the end of Q4 2022
Tesla Motors, Inc. 1 1 Inc 2 2
Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), 3 3
Microsoft 4 5
Meta Platforms Inc. 5 4
A 6 7
Nio Inc.-ADR 7 6
Alibaba 8 8
NVIDIA Corporation 9 9
Paypal holdings 10 11
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