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Saxo Bank introduces the possibility of lending stocks and ETFs

Saxo Bank introduces the possibility of lending stocks and ETFs

created Forex Club9 March 2023

Saxo Bank, a Danish investment bank offering trading on over 40 instruments from around the world, announced that it has made available to clients from Poland a service lending stocks and ETFs. Investors who decide to activate it will be able to obtain additional income by lending their financial instruments.

How does stock lending and ETFs work?

When customers activate the share lending service i ETFs, they become borrowable from their account. They get paid for borrowed instruments salary dependent on market demand.

Clients will still be exposed to changes in the price of their shares, earning on dividends and will retain the ability to sell their shares at any time, whether or not they have been loaned.

“With macroeconomic uncertainty and an inflationary environment, most investors would wish their money worked harder for them. At Saxo Bank, we are constantly striving to provide our clients with solutions that allow them to maximize their returns on their investments. The introduction of this service opens up an alternative revenue stream from the instruments clients already have in their portfolios, while retaining control over their stocks and ETFs.” – comments Marcin Ciechoński, marketing director of Saxo Bank in Central and Eastern Europe.

As a regulated financial institution, Saxo Bank acts as an intermediary and handles the entire process and protects customers during the loan period. Saxo Bank is the first institution in Poland that provides customers with the ability to activate the service on their own and generate additional revenue, thus giving them a new way to make their money work harder for them.

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