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TOP 5 Forex Club articles in the 2018 year

TOP 5 Forex Club articles in the 2018 year

created Paweł MosionekJanuary 2 2019

We welcome all traders in 2019! We sincerely believe that despite the declines in major global indices, 2018 was a successful year for you, and the current one will turn out to be even better. Traditionally, as always at this time, we have prepared for you a list of five articles that you have been displaying the most in the last 12 months. What do you think you were most interested in ...?

ESMA, ESMA and… leverage again 🙂

The product intervention on the Forex / CFD market and binary options is undoubtedly the event of the last year. Although plans include The drastic reduction of leverage has already been heard in the 2017, almost nobody at that time believed that such a scenario is real. The nightmare of many traders has become a fact of 1 July and 1 August 2018. And mainly articles related to the subject of new ESMA guidelines, as well as information on brokers and possibly circumventing leverage restrictions, were the most hot topics on

In the final, fifth position, there is also an article related to the introduction of the new version of the iconic Tax Program in the 5.0 version. We will be informing you in the coming weeks about the installment for the 2018 tax year!

Place I - Forex brokers after entering the ESMA guidelines - List of offers

XNUMXnd place - Leverage on the Forex market is limited. Reflections and alternatives for traders

XNUMXrd place - Become a professional client with the left 1: 500? [Reader's statement]

Place IV - ESMA lowers lever to 1: 30 for major currency pairs

Place V - Tax Program 5.0 - Settle your Forex tax

We look forward to what the New Year will bring us!

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